Zwölf/20' To 2000 (1999...d) [ELpH...CD EP]

01 Zwölf


On December 14 1999 Coil performed Elph.zwölf at Volksbuehne in Berlin. Although the performance lasted just under eighteen minutes, it marked the beginning of a new era of live performances. Coil would go on to perform close to fifty additional concerts, with varied set lists as well as performers.

20' To 2000 (Zwölf) was the creation of Carsten Nicolai.

Nicolai is a German installation artist whose installations are influenced by both cybernetics and John Cage. His audio installations employ "music" of a special kind, music which is not meant to be music in the traditional sense of the word. Rather than a musician, Carsten views himself as a "manufacturer of sounds", his main (and sometimes only) instrument being a computer.
He was the instigator behind the audio journal "20' to 2000": a series of CDs designed by a team of design artist and performed by artists of Carsten choice to provide a snapshot of the state of the art at the end of the millennium, including his own contribution, the EP Time..dot (Noton, 1999).

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