A Guide for Beginners: A Silver Voice [Anthology] (2001...a) [Coil...CD]

01 Amethyst Deceivers
02 Lost Rivers of London
03 Are You Shivering?
04 Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)
05 Where Are You?
06 At the Heart of it All
07 A Cold Cell
08 Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)
09 Who'll Fall?
10 The Dreamer is Still Asleep


The first of two anthology CDs created to mark Coil's first live performance in Moscow.
This volume features a selection of aggressive and noisy pieces from throughout Coil's career, to coincide with Volume Two - A Guide For Finishers: A Golden Hair, which features more melancholy and melodic tracks.
Both were compiled on one double CD release, The Golden Hair with a Voice of Silver.
The English title given above is a loose translation of the Russian title devised by Ivan Pavlov of COH. The Russian word for "finisher" suggests both suicide and cumming.
The tracks "Are You Shivering?" and "Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)" are listed in the wrong order on the cover. The track listing above is the correct one.


This 2-CD set is a widely available reissue of two Russian collections released by Feelee in 2001: A Guide for Beginners -- The Voice of Silver and A Guide for Finishers -- A Hair of Gold. Only two of the 20 tracks, "A Cold Cell," and "A.Y.O.R.," were previously unavailable at the time ("A Cold Cell" soon turned up on The Wire Tapper, Vol. 6 released by the British magazine The Wire), although some were a bit hard to find. Seasoned fans will feel the repetition (after all, this is not the first Coil "best of" to hit the stores) but newcomers will be treated to a first-class tour of John Balance and Peter Christopherson's realm. Disc one focuses on ambient tracks, the melodic, murmuring, slightly frightening kind Coil do so well. It draws heavily on the two volumes of Musick to Play in the Dark (including the grippingly beautiful "Batwings"), but also goes back to early efforts like Scatology ("At the Heart of It All") and Horse Rotovator ("Amethyst Deceivers"). Disc two presents the flip side, throwing together more aggressive, noise-based pieces that are often upbeat. The rough industrial stance of "Panic," "The Anal Staircase," "Solar Lodge," and the like, make this disc more difficult to listen to, if only because it leaves little chance to breathe. The set concludes marvelously with "The First Five Minutes After Violent Death." Every fan will have one of his or her favorite tracks missing, but the casual listener will find in The Golden Hair With a Voice of Silver the perfect place to start. There is one downside to this collection though: the total lack of liner notes means that you will have to plough your way through the All-Music Guide database to find where each track was taken from. - François Couture...From Allmusic

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