Unnatural History (Compilation Tracks Compiled) (1990...b) [Coil...CD]

01 Various Hands
02 The Swelling of Leeches
03 The Pope Held Upside Down
04 His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite
05 Homage to Sewage
06 Here to Here (Double Headed Secret)
07 S is for Sleep
08 Dream Photography
09 Comfortable
10 Never
11 Penetralia II
12 Sicktone
13 How to Destroy Angels


A collection of tracks that originally appeared on various compilations and limited edition releases along with some previously unreleased material.
"Penetralia II" is mistakenly listed as being taken from a limited 7" on the Shock label. This 7" was actually Wrong Eye / Scope, so "Penetralia II" is presumably unavailable elsewhere.
The version of "How To Destroy Angels" is in mono whereas the original 12" is in stereo.
Early pressings of this release are succeptable to the disc rot problem that has been striking many discs pressed by PDO in the early 1990s.


Subtitled "Compilation Tracks Compiled", this is the first of three UH volumes, this disc is made up of unreleased and otherwise unavailable tracks, including a pre-Christopherson Coil track. Early releases were susceptible to the infamous PDO Disc Rot, but this has been fixed with recent releases. UH also features four collaborations with Boyd Rice, three of which were originally released under the name A Sickness of Snakes as the split LP (with Current 93, with whom Coil have worked before), Nightmare Culture. Current 93’s half of the Nightmare Culture LP can be found on the CD edition of the C93 album In Menstural Night. - Dave Piniella

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