Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 2 (2000...b) [Coil...CD]

01 Something
02 Tiny Golden Books
03 Ether
04 Paranoid Inlay
05 An Emergency
06 Where Are You?
07 Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)


Coil Presents Time Machines live CD given away to all initial mail orders.


Coil return with more moon musick. This is volume 2 of a hopefully neverending series begun last year with the well received volume 1. Here Coil are the trio of Balance, Sleazy and Thighpaulsandra, with the addition of some vocals by frequent collaborator Rose McDowall. "Something" welcomes us back to the moonlit night with swooshes of digital air and Balance's deadpan recital of the title back and forth across the stereo field. "Tiny Golden Books" churns through bits of digital sound and digitzed vocals during a lengthy bass throb fed journey. "Ether" sets Balance's effected vocals to Thighpaulsandra's melancholy drenched piano until he turns his mind off in a slow motion spoken wind down. "Paranoid Inlay" is an unsettling mix of digital glitch bits with an almost too cute synth melody and Balance eerily declaring "serenity is a problem". "An Emergency" is a brief, creaky interlude with Rose angelically singing the question "are you bathing in moonlight?" "Where Are You?" imitates the crackling of fire with pops and clicks as background for a music box-like melody motif. Here Balance's lyrics are the most evocative: "are you still looking for things that no one else can see?", "is the cage you love the home you also hate?", "I'll wrap my last kiss in a bandage", etc. "Batwings" continues the feel of the previous track but culminates in a mysterious medley of male voices in strange tongues. All in all volume 2 is another masterpiece just as strong as the first volume. This is moon musick ... bizarre, beautiful, spiritual, tidal, suicidal. How do they keep doing it? Who knows? Who cares? What's next? The very latest album out now is "Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil". - Mark Weddle

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