Born Again Pagans (1994...c) [Coil vs. ELpH...CD EP]

01 Protection
02 Glimpse
03 Crawling Spirit
04 pHILM #1


"Protection" is allegedly taken from the upcoming release The Sound of Music and is credited to Coil.
The other three tracks are credited to ELpH.


I do like Protection for what it's worth. The melody that opens up in the second half of the song is why i listen to it. I think there *is* indeed a lot going on in the percussion side of it, too, only i like the sequenced staticy sounds used as percussion better than any of the specific drum sounds they used. And that cascading bubbley water sound is nice too, gives you something to do you know? The three track *after* Protection are what really grab me, however. Very nice layers in those. Makes for a nice 15-20 minutes listening session in the vast bright deep. - Noah Jurcin

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