Unnatural History II (Smiling In The Face Of Perversity) (1995...c) [Coil...CD]

01 Red Weather
02 Theme From "Blue" 1
03 Airborne Bells
04 Another Brown World
05 Contains a Disclaimer
06 The Hellraiser Theme
07 In Memory of the Truth
08 Unquiet Rest
09 Wait, Then Return
10 The Hellbound Heart
11 The Box Theme
12 No New World
13 Vanishing Point
14 The Main Title
15 Theme From "Blue" 2
## The Hills Are Alive


A collection of tracks that originally appeared on various compilations and limited edition releases along with three previously unreleased tracks ("In Memory of the Truth", "Unquiet Rest", "Wait, Then Return") recorded during the same sessions as the Hellraiser material.
"Vanishing Point" is a retitled version of "Attack of the Sennapods" from Hellraiser Themes.
"The Hills Are Alive" is not listed on the cover, and appears on the same CD track as "Theme From Blue II" following several moments of silence.


The Unnatural History series puts obscure, collectable, and out of print singles, compilation tracks, and soundtracks on CD, making those ultra-limited works available all in one place. On the stunning second edition of the series, three tracks are previously unreleased: "In Memory of the Truth," "Unquiet Rest," and "Wait, Then Return" are outstanding Coil rituals that were recorded during the same sessions as the Hellraiser soundtrack. "Vanishing Point" appears to be an unknown title, yet in fact it is a version of "Attack of the Sennapods" from Hellraiser Themes. To make things even more mysterious (in typically enigmatic Coil fashion), the last track, "The Hills Are Alive," is not listed on the cover, nor is it given a CD index. This track appears on the same index as "Theme From Blue II," following an extended silence. However, the highlights of the collection are the tracks "Another Brown World" and "Contains a Disclaimer," which are both recordings Coil made in Burma. Coil captured an extraordinary field recording of a monk singing chants, which they worked into the Coil miasma. Perhaps one of the single most influential voices in post-industrial music of the '80s and '90s, Coil seems to create sublime poetry in its music that is never short of brilliant, regardless of whatever diversions the group may take. - Skip Jansen...From Allmusic


Regarding Another Brown World and Contains a Disclaimer, according to Coil, the recordings werde made in Birma/Burma at a place called Pagan (believe it or not) which is basically a field of animistic cult sites and temples. There is one mountain/hill called Popo on whose top there is a temple and which has a spiralling pathway upwards to that temple which is spotted with sacrificial plattforms and cult places all of pre-buddhist origin. The temple has been taken over by buddhist but, the older religions are still held to be valid. On the day Coil were there an old monch was singing these animistic magical verses and they asked whether they could record his voices if they were to donate something to the temple. He agrees and so he appeared on Another Brown World.... This could be a rather rare recording being taken in 1987 before the stronger influence of the military forces in Birma molding buddhism into the state religion......



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