Windowpane (1990...c) [Coil...CD EP]

01 Windowpane (Minimal)
02 Windowpane
03 Windowpane (Astral Paddington Mix)


The single of another of Coil's mid-tempo odes to LSD, "Windowpane" contains the original mix and a pair of instrumental remixes. Only one remix appears on the vinyl version. The LP version is the only vocal mix presented. Of the two remixes, the minimal mix is exactly what it claims to be -- a stripped-down version, utilizing an almost dub style in its reduction to drums and bassline. The Astral Paddington mix adds lots of swirly pads, but little else. Excellent music, but you're better off obtaining the Windowpane/The Snow re-release, which contains both the entirety of this single and the single for "The Snow. - Joshua Landau...From Allmusic


I have a mental picture that I get every time I listen to window pane and It's a ship moving over a turbulent sea----The backing vocals are the sky, the little percussion sounds and processing on J. Balances voice are the rigging creaking in the wind, and the bass line and bass drum & snare are the action of the ship moving over large rolling waves. - Arik Tillman

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