How to Destroy Angels [Remixed and Re-Recordings] (1992...b) [Coil...CD]

01 The Sleeper
02 Remotely
03 The Sleeper II
04 Tectonic Plates
05 Dismal Orb
06 How to Destroy Angels II
07 Absolute Elsewhere


As on the original vinyl 12" singles release, the track "Absolute Elsewhere" is blank - in this case, it is a one second track of silence.
1,3 and 4 were mixed by John Balance
2 and 5 were mixed by Peter Christopherson
6 was mixed by Steven Stapleton and forms part of the soundtrack of the film "Lumb's Sister"


"Dismal Orb" reminds me of southwestern swamp, virginia in winter...dead trees standing in blackish cold water..." - The Black Sun

I was listening to the CD and relaxing while in bed. All I can remember then is a period of total blackness, and then suddenly coming to consciousness some time later, probably an hour or so, and listening to a steady soft scraping sound, very rhythmic, and far louder than anything my meagre computer speakers could have produced. It continued for about 10 or 20 seconds, and then ceased. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. - Tzu-Jan Spontaneous

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