Summer Solstice (Bee Stings) (1998...c) [Coil...CD EP]

01 Bee Stings
02 Glowworms/Waveforms
03 Summer Substructures
04 A Warning from the Sun (for Fritz)


"A warning from the sun" is dedicated to a friend Fritz who commited suicide in May of 1998.
Collected on Moon's Milk (In Four Phases).


Overall impression: excellent. This is the second installment in the equinox/solstice series by Coil. Once again, this cd is limited, and is available only until the Autumnal Equinox, September 23rd. This disc continues in the minimal vein, like "Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull", but each of these tracks has vocals. "Bee Stings" begins with an electric viola melody (courtesy William Breeze), which continues throughout, as Balance's spoken vocal, more misc sounds and a subtle beat are added. "Glowworms/Waveforms" is comprised of various bizarre effected sounds, loops and drones as Balance asks various questions, such as "where's the bells?", "where's my corn field?", "where's my breeding ground?" and "where's my horse head?" "Summer Substructures" is a moody vocal, electric viola and keyboard piece. "A Warning .." begins with a noisy barrage of distorted/effected sounds that give way to one crunchy, distorted loop (reminiscent of Autechre) and what sounds like a slide guitar as Balance sings in a high-pitched, nasal, operatic voice. An odd, but very intriguing batch of new stuff from Coil. Two more singles to go. - Mark Weddle


Bees seem to have enjoyed a long tradition in history and mythology. The ancient Egyptians believed bees were born of the tears of the sun-god, Ra, dropping to earth. In Greece they were a symbol of the soul and Plato believed that the souls of the righteous are reincarnated as bees. Christians associated bees with resurrection and the three month winter season when bees seem to vanish into the hive was compared with the three days when Christ's body vanished after the crucifixion only to reappear at the resurrection. Bees produce their young from their lips just as Christ proceeded from the Father's mouth. The honey and the sting make bees an emblem of Christ, the former for his mildness and mercy, the latter for his role in the Last Judgment.

The Effects of Bee Stings on the Human Body:

Bee venom has many different effects on the human body. This is based on the total effect of the bee venom. The person who is not hypersensitive to bee stings can tolerate one to five stings at a time. This is followed by minimal local symptoms accompanied by swelling, redness and itchiness of the skin. Initially, the symptoms are little painful but later change to a pleasant and warm sensation. Fifty to one hundred stings can cause a cramp, temporary shortness of breath, the skin turns blue or rapid pulse and symptoms of temporary paralysis follow. Two hundred or more bee stings can cause paralysis of the respiratory system. Some people can tolerate more than 1,000 stings.

Product Selection for bee sting treatment listed in order of most effective:

Lobelia Cayenne Formula, Black cohosh, Oatstraw Shavegrass Formula Echinacea, Goldenseal Myrrh Formula, Plantain Wild Lettuce Scullcap Formula, Yellow dock

Curing Malaria With Bee Stings In Sudan:

KHARTOUM, Sudan (PANA) - A former employee of the Sudanese ministry of agriculture has gained fame here since he started treating patients with chloroquine-resistant malaria by using bees. For immunization against malaria, a patient takes eight stings every week for one month, if the patient happens to be coming from an area infested with anopheles, the mosquitoes causing malaria. Other diseases treated with bee stings include lymphatic gland inflammations, rheumatism and recurrent miscarriages.

Multiple Sclerosis pain alleviated with bee stings:

At first, one patient started with just a few stings a day. Now, she gets as many as 22 stings in one sitting and has been stung more than 1,000 times. The honeybees' stingers are kept inside the skin for up to 15 minutes. According to Downs, the venom inside the stinger enters the body, producing a chemical reaction. It's that reaction that helps MS patients move their muscles with less pain and discomfort, he said. - Tim J. DuFour

"In some traditional Catholic and Anglican Easter ceremonies (I don't know about Eastern Orthodoxy, although I could probably look it up), a blessing for bees remains in the Exsultet (i.e., the blessing of the candle). Part of the reason for this, as Tim said, is that bees were thought to procreate asexually and served therefore as a symbol for the Virgin Birth of Christ. Another reason is that they were responsible for the wax that made the Paschal Candle itself. The line -- which some churches delete in modern services, much to my chagrin -- goes something like this:

"In the grace of this night, then, O Father, receive for an evening sacrifice this burning light, which holy Church renders unto Thee at the hand of her ministers in the solemn offering of this candle of wax, wrought by bees. Though divided into parts, yet it suffers no loss from the light which it imparts. For it is fed from the melted wax which the mother bee wrought for the substance of this precious lamp." - Ayse

I just got Bee Stings yesterday and here's what happened last night: Last night, well actually this morning about 3:30 am, I was sitting in my den listening to Bee Stings on the headphones. I had a bunch of red candles lit and I was gently fading in and out, when all of the sudden, this black bird comes flying out of my chimney. It scared the shit out of me! I jumped up so quick I forgot to take off my headphones, which were jerked off of my head. I chased the creature around for almost half an hour before I caught him and sent him on his way out the window. The bird was chirping at me the entire time I was trying to rescue it. What made it all the more strange was that I could still hear Bee Stings playing quietly on the headphones, while the bird chirped along (seemingly to the music) in horror. I don't who was more scared, the bird or myself? And I'm not sure whether the bird was more frightened of Coil or me?? I felt sorry for the bird, but he also had me quite frightened. It was all very surreal. - Chad Price

I listen to talk radio and a guy named Ed Dames who does something called technical remote veiwing (a controled government devoloped psychic process) said that there would be a warning from the sun within a month from now that will be followed by a lethal kill-shot from the sun in '99. He also said, before science confirmed it, that the ozone depletion is changing the color of flowers and the bees can't find them anymore so they are starving to death. Only way to survive is to live underground and eat worms. I bought this guy's tape trust me he knows what he's talking about, maybe Coil knows something too...if interested go to: www.trv-psitech.com. - Arian Otto

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