Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil (2000...d) [Coil...CD]

01 Higher Beings Command
02 I Am The Green Child
03 Beige
04 Lowest Common Abominator
05 Freebase Chakra
06 Tunnel Of Goats I
07 Tunnel Of Goats II
08 Tunnel Of Goats III
09 Tunnel Of Goats IV
10 Tunnel Of Goats V
11 Tunnel Of Goats VI
12 Tunnel Of Goats VII
13 Tunnel Of Goats VIII
14 Tunnel Of Goats IX
15 Tunnel Of Goats X
16 Tunnel Of Goats XI
17 Tunnel Of Goats XII
18 Tunnel Of Goats XIII
19 Tunnel Of Goats XIV
20 Tunnel Of Goats XV
21 Tunnel Of Goats XVI
22 Tunnel Of Goats XVII
23 Tunnel Of Goats XVIII


Mistakenly shares the same catalogue number with Time Machines Live.
Comes in a pink C-shell case.


A sly and nasty riposte to domestication, Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil is a bloody-minded record, at times sounding like a cattle-prod surge delivered directly to the spine. A stocktaking of the previous four decades of outsider blare -- from La Monte Young, to Metal Machine Music, to even the earliest Butthole Surfers -- Coil soils their pawn-shop electronics in blood and sweat, a muscular return to industrial roots. The nominal normal track, "I Am the Green Child," stumbles along like Krautrock coupled with the Exorcist soundtrack. Singer John Balance intones a pretentious and portentous text, voice almost drown in a thick gauze of processing. After this wheezing discourse crawls to a halt, several tracks follow like the lament of a dying washing machine. Finally, in a curious silence thrown into even sharper relief by what follows, Balance sings a few more lines about death and all hell breaks loose, a torrential downpour of upended machine jabber. From the opening of gallows sine waves to the final 16 minutes of revolving noise loops, Coil are implacably devoted to proving their aphorism "persistence is all.". - Jess Harvell...From Allmusic

Press Release...

This new album by Coil deals with the threat of lavishness and responds with noise. It's trial by musick. This intense density of energetic anger explores areas that Coil have threatened to open out into in the past, but rarely have pursued with such hallucinatory ferocity. 6 new pieces still fresh with blood and electronics.

It is released to coincide with Coil's 2nd Royal Festival Hall concert this year; an event which Coil are calling Persistence Is All. Points of reference? Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, Can, LaMonte Young, Flipper, Butthole Surfers, Supermarket Sweep. Composed & arranged by John Balance, Peter Christopherson & Thighpaulsandra. Set for worldwide release on September 25th (or sooner!)

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