A Thousand Lights In a Darkened Room (1996) [ Black Light District...CD]

01 Unprepared Piano
02 Red Skeletons
03 Die Wolfe Kommen Zuruck
04 Refusal Of Leave To Land
05 Stoned Circular I
06 Stoned Circular II
07 Green Water
08 Cold Dream of an Earth Star
09 Blue Rats
10 Scratches and Dust
11 Chalice


This is the first in a planned trilogy of Black Light District releases. A boxed set featuring reworked versions of all three releases was hinted at once the series is complete.
The text on the spine of the CD release was switched between yellow and white on different pressings.
The Russian edition on ArsNova is unofficial. A logo printed on the cover claims that it is limited to 500 copies.
The name Black Light District is taken from a track by Boyd Rice recorded for the Bethel cassette out by John Balance on his Hearsay And Heresy label in 1984.


The Coil project Black Light District debuted with an album of broad, minimalistic textures and beatless ambience. Though the vibes are similar to the duo's past work, there are no vocals and few beats; what remains is the restless exploration of sound which Coil have always made a prime concern. - John Bush...From Allmusic

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