The Wheel (1987...b) [Coil...7'']

01 The Wheel
02 The Wheal


Came free with first 500 copies of Gold Is The Metal LP.


When the storm clears and the sun shines
We'll see the country beyond the garden
I was dragged here by an angel
Against my weak will the stronger dictate.

Now I stand here, I've scaled the mountain
That led from function to forms of glory.
And when our hands touched like worlds colliding
A star exploding
Then I knew that the wheel is turning.

Rust transmuted to gold and silver
By strength of true will no more resistance
Just perfection
The wheel is turning.

01 The Wheal
02 Keelhauler


Came free initial copies of Gold Is The Metal LP.

01 The Wheel
02 Keelhauler


In 1996, 23 remaining copies of the 7" were found in a closet by John and Sleazy who made them available via the rec.music.industrial newsgroup.
Each copy came with a handmade sleeve that reads: "This so-called special edition of Coil's Keelhauler single is one of 23 copies found at the back of a wardrobe and offered for sale via rec.music.industrial at the outrageous price of $20." (This message is meant to poke fun at the fact that several r.m.i subscribers commented that they felt the price was too high, triggering a heated debate regarding the ethics of limited edition releases.)
The other side of the sleeve features John & Sleazy's photos, signatures and fingerprints (another poke at the supposed "criminal nature" of the release). Each copy also included several stickers as inserts.

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